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hudson.scheduler.CronTabTest unit test failure.


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      CronTabTest fails to complete and gets stuck in an infinite loop inside the code under test.

      The scheduler keeps bounding arround on the year change and never completes making runnning unit tests impossible (even if you ignore failures!)

      Running hudson.scheduler.CronTabTest
      01-Mar-2000 01:30:00 vs 01-Mar-2000 01:30:00
      01-Mar-2000 02:00:00 vs 01-Mar-2000 02:00:00
      01-Mar-2000 03:15:00 vs 01-Mar-2000 03:15:00
      01-Aug-2010 00:00:00 vs 01-Aug-2010 00:00:00
      01-Mar-2000 01:30:00 vs 01-Mar-2000 01:30:00
      01-Mar-2000 00:30:00 vs 01-Mar-2000 00:30:00
      01-Mar-2000 03:45:00 vs 01-Mar-2000 03:45:00
      (ctrl-c here)
      Destroying 1 processes
      Destroying process..
      Destroyed 1 processes
      Terminate batch job (Y/N)? y

      The test in question is testFloor3

      As scheduling is a major part of Hudson I'm not sure why this hasn't caused any issues in the field.

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