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[security] the test of unix user/password authentication should check the read permission of the service file of pam


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    • pam-auth-plugin
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    • RHEL 4.x

      The host of hudson is RHEL 4.x.

      And I want to unix user/password to do authentication. The test button told me the configuration is successful. However I can't login hudson using my unix user and password that are authenticated by NIS.

      Finally I find the service name must be specified as 'sshd', and the user who runs hudson must have permission to read /etc/pam.d/sshd file.

      It would be nicer and saves a lot of time to trace the issue if the test feature checks the read permission of service file of pam.

      You could refer http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4666305/hudson-fails-to-use-unix-user-group-to-do-authentication for more detail.

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