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Advanced configure 'Folder from ....' is confusing and not correctly behaviored


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      Jenkins Doxygen Plug-in 0.7

      Doxygen plugin advance option "Folder from which doxygen is run " indicates the folder location of the doxygen command runs, but actually it used as the relative path to the html directory.

      Say, doxygen HTML directory path consistent of 3 parts. <a>/<b>/html, which

      • <a>: the running directory doxygen command runs
      • <b>: the OUTPUT_DIRECTORY variable in doxygen file

      The expected action is that, when <a> is given in the advanced option, plugin should automatically synthesize the final html output directory (<a>/<b>/html), but currently it synthesizes in an incorrect way (<a>/html), the <b> part is missing.

      Following are the logs

      Publishing Doxygen HTML results.
      FATAL: error
      hudson.AbortException: The directory '/home/jenkins/hardy-i386/workspace/crete/arch/i386-Ubuntu-8.04/partner/cisco/crete/html' doesn't exist.

      where /home/jenkins/hardy-i386/workspace/crete/arch/i386-Ubuntu-8.04/partner/cisco/ is the $WORKSPACE,
      crete is the value filled in Advanced option textbox.

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