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Provide action to save all unsaved jobs in a folder after copy


      JENKINS-2494 ensures that when a job is copied, it is not buildable until the user has saved the job. Thus allowing jobs to be used as models for other jobs. You copy a job you like and then modify it without fear of the SCM polling kicking off a build with the old configuration.

      Unfortunately a regression sometime between 1.424 and 1.522 broke this behaviour, and as a result when jobs are copied they build straight away.

      JENKINS-18074 had the side-effect of fixing JENKINS-2494 but only in those cases where the job is being copied to a different folder

      https://github.com/jenkinsci/jenkins/commit/503c3bd2e6f2ec85514e16a260396ddae68f03ae now fixes JENKINS-2494 for all cases.

      This now raises a secondary issue, namely that of what to do if somebody wants to use a folder as a model for other folders.

      In such a case you probably want to have all the copied jobs be saved once the "model" folder has been saved for the first time.

      The hard case is differentiating between people who want to hold off building any jobs in the folder until those jobs have been saved from those who want to hold off building any jobs in the folder until the folder has been saved.

      This RFE is to provide a mechanism to resolve this use case.

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