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MultiJob Phase does not continue when item on queue is cancelled


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    • multijob-plugin
    • Jenkins 1.544, Jenkins Multijob plugin 1.10, Windows Server 2012

      I have a MultiJob Project with a MultiJob Phase build step that executes a job that is restricted to one node. If that node is offline, then that job will remain in the queue.

      If I build the MultiJob project, and then cancel the queue item with the URL http://myjenkins/queue/cancelItem?id=14 or the Groovy command hudson.model.Hudson.instance.queue.cancel(hudson.model.Hudson.instance.queue.getItem(14).task) while the MultiJob project is running, then the MultiJob project never finishes. The MultiJob Phase never continues on.

      Can the Jenkins MultiJob Plugin be changed to mark a phase as complete if its job is cancelled?

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