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TAP test results of matrix configuration project do not show in main project overview and dashboard


      I use the TAP Plugin to publish test results of a matrix configuration project. To see the results I have to select the project, then a specific build with test results and there I can access the extended TAP information.

      I can access basic test results through the "test results" link beneath the projects configuration matrix. But "TAP Extended Test Results" says "No TAP Results available, yet." This is only available when choosing a specific build.

      What is worse, the dashboard view test statistics do not pick up the test results from the project. The number of tests run is shown correctly in the "Test Trend Chart", but "Test Statistics Chart" and "Test Statictics Grid" do not pick up any results (0 tests / no data available).

      I believe the TAP Plugin does not correctly publish results to the master project but only to the single configurations? A similar issue is reported in JENKINS-12205, although it is about xunit and not TAP.

      Please check the interaction of the TAP Plugin and matrix configuration projects.

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