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Pipelines are mixed up when same stage/step names are used


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    • Linux SLES 11.2 Jenkins 1.543

      I have multiple pipelines representing multiple maintenance branches of the same codebase, and each pipeline has the same stage names and step names. They are all using different projects though (all projects are duplicated for each branch/pipeline).
      What happens is that the top pipeline has the proper arrows in the view, and the bottom one has all the arrows from the first stage going all the way up to the second stage of the top pipeline (the remaining stages on the bottom pipeline just have no arrow/lines). All pipelines in between the top and bottom ones have no arrow/lines.

      If I add a completely different pipeline at the bottom, then it won't have any lines/arrows at all, but it won't point to the top pipeline, so I think it's related to the fact that I'm using the same stage/step names.

      This is a regression, it was working fine before version 0.7.1 (which had only the top pipeline displayed)

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