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SonarQube's sonar.ProjectBaseDir Set to the first module on the list


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    • sonar-plugin
    • Windows Server 2008

      Jenkins 1.573
      Subversion Plugin 2.4.1
      Sonar Plugin 2.1

      When using multiple SVN Url's in one project, with each set to the following:

      Repository URL: http://svnserver/repo/Project/module1/trunk/src
      Local Module Directory: module1

      Repository URL: http://svnserver/repo/Project/module2/trunk/src
      Local Module Directory: module2


      My sonar.ProjectBaseDir is being set improperly, causing builds to fail. Where the property in this case should be set to C:\Jenkins\Jobs\Project\Workspace , it is instead being set to C:\Jenkins\Jobs\Project\Workspace\module1

      When trying to set the property manually with
      it comes out as -Dsonar.projectBaseDir=D:JenkinsjobsProjectNameworkspace (No slashes)

      Any attempts to backreference sonar properties to the workspace parent folder have proven unsuccessful

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