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Batch steps on slaves randomly hang when complete


      Batch steps that succeed are hanging, more frequently since the upgrade to Jenkins 1.6.16 + WF 1.7; I think this is recent, I do not recall encountering such issues with Jenkins 1.6.09 + WF 1.5. This is highly problematic for workflow scripts that rely on large numbers of batch steps. Note, the slave nodes in question may be considered "high-latency" with response times occasionally in seconds.

      Reproduced 2 out of 4 times using the following test idiom, increasing the below loop to 1000 will probably make it a 100% reproduction, parallelizing anecdotally seems to increase reproduction:

      node('slave') {
        for( int i = 0; i < 100; ++i ) {
          echo "i=${i}"
          bat *<some batch step that takes variable time to run, eg scm or make>*

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