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"Parsing cucumber.json" blocked by parallel job executions


      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Create a new freestyle job

      • Add a string parameter: WORK_FOLDER
      • Select "Execute concurrent builds if necessary"
      • Under "Advanced Project Options", select "Use custom workspace", and input ${WORK_FOLDER}
      • Build action: Invoke Maven 3 "mvn clean verify..."
      • Post-build action: "Publish cucumber test result"

      2. Execute the job twice (simultaneously) with different parameters:

      • WORK_FOLDER=foo
      • WORK_FOLDER=bar

      Expected behavior:

      • The two jobs run in parallel and complete independently, using their separate workspaces

      Actual behavior:
      One job will wait for the other job to complete. The jobs are dependent on each other in their post-build step.

      One job will hang at the step until the second job finishes:

      [Cucumber Tests] parsing cucumber.json

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