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Karaoke: steps and nodes are limited to 100 - need to increase limit


    • iapetus, 1.0

      tscherler the steps api is paginated with a page size of 100 - the front end code will need to change to fetch the next patch of data (cc vivek)

       In Scope: 

      Out of scope: 

      • steps api (separate ticket)
      • making graph cope with loading large graphs of nodes in a paginated fashion (this needs more thinking and design). 


      This could be addressed with a refactoring of Karaoke I guess?
      This also explains why only 100 parallel nodes are changed (in that case, it is pointless to show more, but 100 steps... you may want to show that).

      It seems that we only get a limited number of steps

      Using the following pipelineScript and https://github.com/scherler/blueocean-shared-library/commit/43d5620a42d7795b43bc829d694c3cae2a3c3919

      @Library('test-writer') import writeTest
      import longLog
      node {
          stage 'fin'
          def xml = writeTest()
          sh "echo '$xml' > TEST-some.xml"
          step([$class: 'JUnitResultArchiver', testResults: 'TEST-*.xml'])
          sh 'echo `date` fin;sleep 3; echo `date` fin;'
          sh 'echo yeah > foo.txt'
          archiveArtifacts 'foo.txt'
          longLog(10000, false)
          stage 'NoSteps'

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            tscherler Thorsten Scherler
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