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Load more than 100 steps in a node


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    • Blue Ocean 1.0-rc3, Blue Ocean 1.0-rc4

      The api to load steps is paginated. Currently only the first page is loaded. 

      When a user clicks on a node, it should load and display the steps using this pagination (ie keep loading and appending until there are no more). 


      This should be able to generate loads of steps I think: 


      Using the following pipelineScript and https://github.com/scherler/blueocean-shared-library/commit/43d5620a42d7795b43bc829d694c3cae2a3c3919

      @Library('test-writer') import writeTest
      import longLog
      node {
          stage 'fin'
          def xml = writeTest()
          sh "echo '$xml' > TEST-some.xml"
          step([$class: 'JUnitResultArchiver', testResults: 'TEST-*.xml'])
          sh 'echo `date` fin;sleep 3; echo `date` fin;'
          sh 'echo yeah > foo.txt'
          archiveArtifacts 'foo.txt'
          longLog(10000, false)
          stage 'NoSteps'

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