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Jenkins - Pipeline doesn't allow to execute external batch files with "Start" command in it.


      I am facing issues while executing a batch file from Jenkins pipeline. I think this is a bug in jenkins because I have another job which runs without pipeline using jenkins.


      Here is the detailed script and question on [SO|https://stackoverflow.com/questions/49025062/windows-start-command-not-working-from-jenkins-pipeline.]

      *Things I have tried*

      • Failure:

      I have tried executing it from a batch file too using the same configuration. That is also not working.


      • Success:
      • However if I run the batch file from command prompt from windows it self, it works fine.
      • Further more I have a job in the same jenkins (without pipeline) which executes the same script externally and that works fine.


      Note: I have blueocean plugin installed after ward I setup my entire jenkins.


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