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Evaluate impact on IDEA workflows


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      Problem statement

      Incrementals (aka JEP 305) changes substantially how a maven pom.xml is set up. Mainly using/inspired by https://maven.apache.org/maven-ci-friendly.html.

      Using IntelliJ IDEA 2018.1.1 on a similar setup to JENKINS-50696 and Maven 3.5.3. We want to check the project can be imported seamlessly as any other.

      Expected behavior

      Import as usual should work just fine on a project that was changed this way.

      Some projects modified this way (aka incrementalified):

      Note from jglick (NetBeans user )

      Seemed to Import project from external model OK, though I had to suppress a notification that .flattened-pom.xml was unmanaged. Tried to add the downstream repo though I think I did something wrong because it did not seem to process any deps, and tried to import two copies of it. Also in all cases the IDE got confused when importing anything that had a target directory. Basically I could not get much of anything to work, but this is probably out of bafflement at how IDEA is supposed to be used.

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