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Cannot publish over CIFS from artifact directory using pipeline


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      When trying to generate a pipeline script for the publish over CIFS plugin, there are two identical options, both called "Send build artifacts to a windows share".


      However, the options for the two are not identical. The first one has an option to "use workspace", and the help says "By default this plugin uses the artifacts directory (where archived artifacts are stored)."

      The second one has no options to choose where the files are taken from, and from the help it is clear that the workspace is always used. When I generate a pipeline script with this one, everything works as expected, but I cannot copy from the artifacts directory.

      So, I would like to try the other one, which allows me to copy from the artifacts directory. However, when I try to generate the pipeline script, the output from  the snippet generator is always just "step <object of type jenkins.plugins.publish_over_cifs.CifsPromotionPublisherPlugin>". 

      So how can I publish over CIFS from the artifacts directory?


      Options if I choose the first "send artifacts to a windows share":


      And output:


      Options if I choose the second one:

      And output:

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