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failFast option for parallel stages sets build status to ABORTED when failure is inside of a stage with an agent


    • pipeline-model-definition 1.3.7


      With a Pipeline using parallel stages with failFast true enabled, when a stage with an agent fails, the final build result is showing as ABORTED instead of FAILURE

      A similar bug was recently fixed JENKINS-55459 which corrected the build status result when using non-nested parallel stages with failFast true enabled, but it seems it did not catch the case where a nested stage inside of one of the parallel stages fails.


      The fix for JENKINS-55459 was delivered under version 1.3.5 of the Pipeline: Declarative Plugin, I am testing version 1.3.6.

      I started up a brand new Jenkins LTS 2.150.3 instance, with the 'recommended' plugins, including Pipeline: Declarative Plugin version 1.3.6

      I ran the testcase inside of JENKINS-55459 and the build status is correctly marked as failed, so the fix from JENKINS-55459 was correct.

      When I run the attached Jenkinsfile , the build still shows as ABORTED:

      ERROR: script returned exit code 1
      Finished: ABORTED

      Here is the full log: log

      I expected the build status to be marked as FAILURE, not ABORTED.


      I believe the fix from JENKINS-55459 worked, but does not account for failures inside of stages with agents within the parallel stages.

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