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BlueOcean UI stuck in "Waiting for run to start"


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    • Jenkins 2.180, BlueOcean 1.17.0
    • blue-ocean 1.19.0

      We recently upgraded BlueOcean from 1.16.0 to 1.17.0 and we started observing a weird behaviour in the BlueOcean pipeline UI.

      Frequently (not always) the pipeline UI stops updating the progress while the pipeline is running and the UI is stuck at "Waiting for run to start" (see attached screenshot). When it happens, it does not recover until the pipeline execution completes: once completed, the UI is correctly updated (all steps are green).

      We've also noticed that - when happens - the underlying requests sent by the browser to the endpoint https://jenkins.DOMAIN/blue/rest/organizations/jenkins/pipelines/PROJECT/branches/master/runs/ID/nodes/ID/steps/ always return an empty array "[]" instead of the expected array of steps. On the contrary, during the execution of the pipeline, if we look at the "Console Output" (old Jenkins UI) we can correctly see the progress of the pipeline even when the BlueOcean UI is stuck at "Waiting for run to start".

      This issue looks disappear if we rollback all BlueOcean plugins from 1.17.0 to 1.16.0.

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