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"No type prefix: " in "Assign roles:" after updating "Matrix Authorization Strategy" to 3.0


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    • Jenkins 2.303.3
      Matrix Authorization Strategy 3.0
      JDK 11
      RH 7

      I’ve updated Matrix “Authorization Strategy” plugin from 2.6.11 to 3.0.
      Now on the “Assign Roles” configuration page, all users/groups are prefixed by:
      "No type prefix:" in red.
      I’ve understood that the new plugin needs adaptations. (https://plugins.jenkins.io/matrix-auth/#releases)
      I’ve tried to delete the users and add them newly. But as soon as I reload the page after “Save” or “Apply”, I’m back in the same situation.

      With the hint from https://community.jenkins.io/t/matrix-authorization-strategy-3-0-no-type-prefix/1043
      I added 'USER:' before my user entries - that seems to have fixed the problem.

      Some hint on that in the GUI would be really good. (and/or on the version notes https://plugins.jenkins.io/matrix-auth/#releases)


      Update: Unfortunately, it seems my account has lost the “Admin” permissions. Quite bad, locked myself out for the moment…
      So the "USER:..." didn't solved it seemingly.

      In home/config.xml I found:


      In home/config.xml I found:

         <roleMap type="globalRoles">
       <role name="admin" pattern=".*">


      jm044248 is me - so I would assume, I should have the Admin permissions, but....


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