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No possible to run my jobs after upgrade WAR Stable 2.249.2 to 2.346.2


      Hello everyone,
      We are migrate our Jenkins to 2.249 to 2.346. We are upgrade all plugins and also Java version to JDK11.0.2 version
      All Jenkins Slaves are UP, no connection problems with jenkins master.
      A very good migration in this world (peace of cake)

      Now, all my jobs can't run (see attachment pics). Jobs still lock at theses steps and to stop the jobs I had to make a Hard Kill : 
      [Pipeline] Start of Pipeline
      [Pipeline] node  

      Even the simple HELLO WORLD pipeline not running. 

      First time I see this issue.
      Jenkins Community  please help

      Regard, Salution, Mit freundlichen Grüßen 


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