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Git fetch when pulling pod template fails when the "Branch Specifier" is an env var


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      I have a pipeline job that takes a branch as a parameter and then passes that value to the `Branch Specifier` like so: `${BRANCH}`.

      The git plugin expands the value properly, but I believe that when the kubernetes plugin tries to do another checkout to read the pod template, it doesn't expand the variable and then fails.




      Steps to reproduce:
      1. Configure a pipeline job with a string parameter called `BRANCH`

      2. For the pipeline definition, configure it to use "Pipeline script from SCM"
      3. Use the `Git` SCM and configure it to point to your repo

      4. `Branches to build` -> `Branch Specifier` - should be set to `${BRANCH}` or whatever your parameter is called

      5. Specify your Jenkinsfile path
      – Specify the pod template using `yamlFile`
      6. `Lightweight checkout` should be unchecked

      7. Attempt to build the job


      Stripped down version of my jenkinsfile: Jenkinsfile


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