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Running asynchronous code inside a @NonCPS method should fail cleanly


    • workflow-cps 2.71

      User-visible bit: throws an error


      Currently if you run a step with asynchronous execution (which is to say, almost all of them, since AbstractSynchronousNonBlockingStepExecution counts) inside a method marked @NonCPS, or otherwise not transformed (for example because of JENKINS-26481), you get bizarre results: the return value of the step becomes the return value of the method, regardless of what was supposed to happen in the rest of the method. This is because CpsCallableInvocation is thrown from DSL.invokeMethod and interrupts the method's execution.

      This is very confusing behavior. It would be better for CpsCallableInvocation.<init> to somehow detect that it is inside an untransformed method and throw a comprehensible error.

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