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UI for downstream jobs launched with 'build' step


    • Blue Ocean 1.1, Blue Ocean 1.2-beta1, Blue Ocean 1.2-beta2, Blue Ocean 1.4 - beta 3, Blue Ocean 1.5 - beta 2
    • 1.14.0

      Improvement on roadmap

      This improvement is on the Blue Ocean project roadmap. Check the roadmap page for updates.

      Same pipeline as JENKINS-38337

      stage "Stage 1"
      stage ("Trigger jobs") {
              downstream1: {
                  build 'downstream1'
              downstream2: {
                  build 'downstream2'

      In the logs, we see things like Starting building: downstream2 #3, however unlike the classic console, this is not a link, so you can't browse to the other build.


      Out of scope: 

      When the "don't wait" mode is used, there is no link to the resultant downstream job, so no need to link it back  ( ie build job: 'downer', wait: false)



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