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Poll SCM and Timer triggers include "Changes" for a Pipeline for any/all Shared Libraries


    • Pipeline - July/August

      I noticed this while filing another ticket (JENKINS-41496), but the "Changes" view for the Pipeline run for this project "azure" has the "wrong commits" shown. See the screenshots for more.

      What basically appears to be happening is that any change to a Shared Library will result in newly triggered Pipelines which have "Poll SCM" configured. Pipelines which configure a timer will also have Changes from the Shared Library listed when it executes again.

      I think listing the Shared Library commits in "Changes" is acceptable, but triggering based on an SCM Poll for a Pipeline is very confusing behavior and IMHO incorrect behavior.

      As a shared tooling team, I would not expect my Shared Library changes to trigger a bunch of Pipelines for projects depending on them.

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