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neoloadRun command is giving no option -p error, even after using proper syntax.


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    • Jenkins 2.289.2
      NeoLoad Plugin 2.2.10

      We are creating a pipeline project using declarative pipeline script.

      Below is the script I am using:

      pipeline {
      agent any
      stages {
      stage('Run Neoload') {

      { neoloadRun executable: '/Users/sa20099277/.jenkins/workspace/Common_Performance_Testing/Library/Python/3.8/bin/neoload', project: '/Users/sa20099277/neoload_projects/sample/sample.nlp', scenario: 'scenario 1', trendGraphs: ['AvgResponseTime', 'ErrorRate'] }


      Am getting the below error:

      Hello World
      [Pipeline] neoloadRun
      Running NeoLoad with executable : /Users/sa20099277/.jenkins/workspace/Common_Performance_Testing/Library/Python/3.8/bin/neoload
      $ /Users/sa20099277/.jenkins/workspace/Common_Performance_Testing/Library/Python/3.8/bin/neoload -project /Users/sa20099277/neoload_projects/sample/sample.nlp -launch "scenario 1" -testResultName "$Date

      {hh:mm - dd MMM yyyy}

      (build 83)" -report /Users/sa20099277/.jenkins/workspace/Common_Performance_Testing/neoload-report/report.html,/Users/sa20099277/.jenkins/workspace/Common_Performance_Testing/neoload-report/report.xml -SLAJUnitResults /Users/sa20099277/.jenkins/workspace/Common_Performance_Testing/neoload-report/junit-sla-results.xml -noGUI
      Usage: neoload [OPTIONS] COMMAND1 [ARGS]... [COMMAND2 [ARGS]...]...

      *Try 'neoload --help' for help.

      Error: No such option: -p*

      What I understood is its taking -project as -p. Other than that I am not using -p anywhere else.


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