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Access Denied - Please login to access job XXX on project summary page


      I'm using the Role Strategy Plugin to control who can Discover, Read, Build, & Cancel specific jobs on Jenkins. When a user logins to Jenkins he/she will see only the jobs he/she has permission to run.

      Some of the jobs Trigger/Call builds on other projects. This works fine when running the job. i.e. Though restricted to Job X the user also kicks off Job Y because it is a sub-project of Job X. But, when signed in as a restricted user, an error appears on Job X's main page. See the attached screenshot. Essentially this error message is displayed on the webpage where Subprojects should be defined which says Access Denied - Please login to access job Y.

      This issue was discovered while betaing a job with a user. It's not a deal breaker but it obviously can cause confusion. The html should either not show the Sub-Projects if the user does not have permission. Or it should show the subprojects as normal since the user is in fact running them.

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