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Revisit Git repository creation flow credential setup


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    • iapetus, 1.0, Blue Ocean 1.0-rc3


      • Drop down with existing credentials & add button to the right.
      • If no existing credentials, show "none" in dropdown
      • Clicking add launches the modal to add credential.
      • Once credential is added, modal is dismissed & the credential that was just added populates the dropdown
      • Do not provide the "Use system ssh" option - remove it for now and it can be revisited later if there are too many complaints
      • Integrate eager validation as described in JENKINS-41597 into this ticket
      • Integrate showing/hiding credentials dropdown and "add" button based on credential permissions JENKINS-41573

      Design brief
      We need a better design for using existing credentials or creating a new credential. I realise this was my original design but it is confusing.

      Perhaps we ask them to choose between a new credential or existing one then show the form to select/create a new credential depending on the option picked.

      Should we show "existing credential" if there there are no existing credentials to pick from?

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