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Individual Pipeline steps and stages/blocks should have Result statuses


    • Pipeline - July/August, Pipeline - October, Pipeline - April 2018
    • Pipeline: API 2.34

      Currently, the only status we have for an individual FlowNode (be it representing an atomic Step or a block) is whether it has an ErrorAction. Blue Ocean would like to be able to visualize other Result types (such as UNSTABLE and ABORTED) distinctly, as well as to be able to have all steps/blocks get marked as UNSTABLE or ABORTED if only one step/block actually is unstable or was aborted.

      We want to have a shared understanding of how the status system should work before we attempt a long refactor of the Pipeline status system. The first goal is to build a throwaway simulator that we can use to describe a Pipeline, the status of its steps and what the resulting stage, parallel and pipeline status should be. This is used to develop a set of scenarios that will be used to define the specification for the refactor.

      Before moving onto the real changes there must be consensus among the team that this is the desired behaviour.

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