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Offer a high-performance storage engine for pipeline at some cost to resumability


    • Pipeline - October, Pipeline - December

      As a user of pipeline, I WANNA GO FAST.  

      To do that, I'm okay with sacrificing some of the ability to resume a pipeline after a hard Jenkins crash, as long as it means pipelines run fast.  It would be nice if I can still resume the pipeline after a clean/safe restart of the master, though!

      This differs from https://issues.jenkins-ci.org/browse/JENKINS-30896 because for this we're sacrificing some of the guarantees pipeline normally provides.

      Concrete needs:

      • Implement storage engine (workflow-support)
      • Implement options to select that storage engine (workflow-job)
      • Implement ability to RUN that storage engine (workflow-cps)

            svanoort Sam Van Oort
            svanoort Sam Van Oort
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